Frequently asked questions

How do we pay for the berries?

The pay is per pound. You or an employee will weigh the berries on the scale located as soon as you enter the field and multiply that by 4. (lb X 4)

Can we eat the berries while we pick?

Yes! Tasting the berries is encouraged. Different varieties have suttle differences in taste.

Is there a good way to contact you?

By phone or by email. (706) 315 - 3336

How do I find your field?

Address is 10137 Georgia Highway, Pine Mountain, Ga. 31822
Take I-185 to Exit 34 Hwy 18. Go towards Pine Mountain for 1 mile and look for the blueberry sign.
Follow signs approx. 1 mile back into the woods it will lead you to the blueberry field.

Do you have any other fruit or vegetables besides blueberries?

No. Our farm only has blueberries.

Are their any other activities to do in the area?

We are within a 5 to 10 minute drive away from the Wild Animal Safari and Callaway Gardens.